Flippa Sellers Review

I am going to provide an in depth review of various flippa sellers and reveal most of the techniques they use in succeeding in their business. Use these same techniques so you can scale your own business or improve your listings.

I will start with TurnkeyProfit


Member for 6 years.

2897 transactions totalling $401,317

This guys has sold over 400k in flippa, imagine how much more he earned from backend. I estimate that If I offer SEO services or design/editing services he could easily double that amount. This does not include the inquiries he gets from custom work.

This guy sells turnkey websites over and over again just by changing the colors, background and logo. He has cashed in on the $0.88 domain offers like this listing.





Below is how you search for a $0.88 at namecheap


This guy uses flippa as a real business which he has a backend support after the sale and is maybe having a Virtual Assistant doing all the transactions for him. You can do the same business model by creating your own support website and install a free ticketing software which is available in most cpanel hosting.

He is able to sell around 2 to 5 websites daily at $55 to $125.

I will be adding more seller reviews so keep posted.


Next up is SmartQuant


This guy has sells sites at price range of $150 to $497 and does not go lower than that.

Member for 10 years.

329 transactions totalling $87,326

Specializes in selling one type of theme and niches related to finance, health and time management. His sites are not mobile optimized but are selling for high bucks.

His technique consist of a good sales page, you can hire a good copywriter at warriorforum, etc. and get it done right or rewrite (don’t copy)

And each site he offers has an included ready made product or an extra website which you can do as well. Like sell the fishing site and have the abs site as a bonus sell it higher at $150 or more. He uses his own site smartsitedeals as an upsell selling various services and getting leads from visitors.

here is a preview of his upsells 😉  click the image to see the site. His upsells is maintenance, others are seo services, image editing, extra content, custom site development, create social media accounts, social media marketing, mobile app development the list can go on and on. I will be having my own app building system as well but it still in development.


Here are a few of his listings.





Hope you guys get a lesson from this.

Next Seller will be added soon!